Material Experts

Material Expertise

In a world that is becoming "non-disposable" at the same time environmental factors like acid rain and UV rays are worsening, the task of developing protective solutions for specific applications increases in complexity. In essence, socioeconomics and extreme weather have combined to create the perfect storm of factors necessitating extraordinary technological expertise in the manufacture of effective, durable and affordable protective products.

Behind every Budge protective product is a ton of science, a fair amount of trial and error and even a little bit of luck. Consider the tightrope walked in balancing two properties essential to almost every protective cover: water resistance and breathability. The fabrication must repel water, yet be porous enough to permit the escape of water vapor molecules smaller than oxygen and nitrogen molecules. Then add in the challenges of engineering the same cover to incorporate a myriad of other protective qualities that may include UV resistance, acid rain resistance, puncture resistance, scratch resistance, salt resistance, tensile strength and colorfastness. At Budge, we thrive on these challenges and excel at surmounting obstacles that stump less experienced companies.

Budge strives to consider all of these elements when designing each and every one of its covers

Material expertise sets Budge Industries a world apart from any other "car cover company." That's why private industry and branches of government frequently turn to Budge to solve their most perplexing protective needs. Whether it's a car manufacturer seeking a way to cover freshly painted vehicles without trapping lingering paint gasses, the U.S. Military needing to protect the F/A-22 Raptor's sensitive canopy during storage, transport and maintenance, or the U.S. Postal Service wanting to shield mail sorting trays from paper dust, Budge has been there and done that with exceptional results.

Our track record for success in bringing superiorly engineered and technology advanced protective materials to the marketplace is no less than 70 years' strong. We will continue this tradition by collaborating with some of the best minds in the business, including leading national and international materials experts (such as DuPont and Polymer Group, Inc), relationships with independent engineers (with laboratory privileges at such institutions as Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and small specialty fabric shops.


Innovative ideas and rigorous testing have earned Budge Industries many product patents, including our new heat-proof/fire-proof motorcycle cover allowing bikers to cover up before cooling down the engine – the perfect combination of protection and convenience!


Budge Industries' products are PVC-free and recyclable. Among other eco-friendly initiatives, we now vacuum pack many of our products and use recyclable shrink wrap instead of cardboard shipping containers.